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Downloading & Displaying Your Images

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Viewing your photos

2 options for accessing your photos

Photo Moments App

You can download the free Photo Moments app for iOS or Android.

I'll send you the link to sync your photos for viewing/downloading/sharing.

The link will connect all your past and future session with me all in one place!

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Your Personal Online Photo Gallery

You may access your gallery on any device.

All your past and future sessions with me will be synced her too - so easy!

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Downloading your photos

There are many ways to download from your gallery.  The simplest is to click the "SELECT PHOTOS" button in the upper right corner.  Then can either select just the photos you want or download them all.

For smaller downloads (just a few images), you can download an image straight to your computer or device.

For larger downloads, you will be prompted to enter an email and you'll be sent the links to one or more zipped files.

This auto-generated link is valid for 7 days.  If you want to download them again after that, you can request another link.

I suggest doing an initial full resolution download of all of the files in your gallery and storing your files in 1-3 reliable locations (see archiving below).

Your files may be downloaded as often as you'd like.

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Printing your photos


Where I recommend printing

Whichever print lab you choose for your printing, make sure it is one that specializes in printing and other photo products. These labs will take much more care in calibrating their equipment and providing accurate color and detail in your prints.

And to ensure your prints last a lifetime and beyond, make sure your print lab is using archival quality papers and inks.

Printing Tips

Note when ordering prints, if there is an "autocorrect" option, please turn it off.

If you are asked for a print release when printing, you can access your personal print release here.

When printing large prints for your wall, it might be helpful to put tape up on the wall with the dimensions you're considering to help envision how the piece will look on the wall.

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Printing from your online gallery

Gallery orders are fulfilled by Miller's Professional Imaging. They do beautiful work!

Once you place an order, it gets sent to me for approval before they send it for processing.

If you have anything you want me to check for or correct, please let me know ASAP. Once your order is approved, I'm unable to cancel it or make changes.

If you're looking for a coupon for prints, I usually have one available, just ask!


When sending your photos to print, remember that you can crop in on your photo for lots of different options.  The images are high resolution and should print beautifully.

Experiment zooming in a bit on the crop, especially solo pics of the kids and couples.  I think you'll like them zoomed it much better, especially when printing gallery walls.

5x7s, 8x10s and other sizes will crop automatically when ordering.  Double check to see if the crop works for you and if not, you can always adjust it within your order.


Christmas Cards, Announcements & Invitations

Your photos will look beautiful on invitations and announcements!  Some of my favorite stationary companies are linked below with affiliate links.

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My absolute favorite place for ordering Christmas cards with a minimalist, refined and elegant vibe!

I've partnered with them and love offering you the option to have your photos uploaded to an account ready for you to start creating your own beautiful cards and announcements too!

Basic Invite

Love this company too!  They offer lots of great template for all your card needs as well as lots of cute baptism cards!

I also love how you can customize all the colors on your cards so easily!

Use code CHRISTYODOM when ordering for 20% off and free shipping.

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Archiving your photos

Digital Archiving

Once downloaded, I encourage you to make digital back up copies of your files and store them in several different areas.  As with all important data, it’s important to have three copies of your files on different media.

Simply, the best approach to protecting your digital image files is to always have a number of redundancies at any one time.  Also be aware that the different forms of media storage change over time. Make sure that as they change, your data is keeping up with the latest technology.

Archival Prints

Because technology changes so quickly and files can become corrupt, the best way to archive your photos and ensure that they can be viewed years from now, is to print them out and store them in a cool, dry place.

I recommend printing your favorite photos from your session as 8x12's.  Photos can be easily reproduced from other photos, but once a file is corrupt, the image cannot be recreated. A scan can always be made of a high quality print

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Caring for your products

How to best care for your investment and ensure
that you'll have memories to last a lifetime and more.


With proper care and handling, your photography prints will last your lifetime and beyond. Creating and protecting an archival quality print of your photographic print is more important than protecting your digital files. The most sure way of protecting yourself from losing an image is to have a printed copy.

The main causes of damage to photography prints are acidic materials, temperature, humidity, light and physical damage. Avoiding these will go a long way to preserving your images. When handling prints, wash your hand and avoid touching the surfaces.  Take care not to bend, scratch, dent or write on the back of the photos.

When displaying photos, frame them using acid-free mats and backing materials, and keep your images from direct sunlight. When storing photos, lay your photos flat stored in acid free boxes or storage sleeves.


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Your canvas gallery wraps can easily last over 100+ years if they are properly cared for.

Canvas is meant to be hung inside a temperature controlled environment.  Keep them away from areas of high humidity, heat, and direct sunlight. Since canvas is made from cotton, is may expand and contract in areas where the temperature fluctuates excessively.

Always wash hands before handling your canvas.  Never lay your canvas front facing down and keep it from areas that may cause dents.

To clean your canvas, you may gently wipe off dust with a clean soft dry cloth.  You can also use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment.  If needed, you may use a lightly dampened clean cloth with water and gently wipe your canvas.

Thanks so much for letting me be part of capturing your future family heirlooms!  Let me know if there's anything at all I can help with!

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