Keeping the focus is on your beautiful family!


  • Pick your favorites that you'll be printing large and displaying prominantly and I'll give it my best!
  • If the retouch requests are time intensive or beyond my skill level, I'll provide a quote for the additional services.
Simple retouch

I can usually retouch the simple stuff.  If you need retouch on the entire session, I may need to contract that out.

  • Acne
  • A stray hair or two
  • Hair elastic on a wrist
  • Bruise or kids' owies depending on their location
  • Seaweed or distracting rocks/shells in the sand
  • Sprinklers or pipes in the background
  • Distracting tire tracks
  • Make an image black and white
  • Color/contrast adjustment
baxter wall 1
More advanced and time intensive retouch

If it works with the pose/background and I'm able to make it look good, I can retouch a few.  Otherwise I may need to contract it out.

  • Simple tucking in here and there
  • Head swaps (same pose, position and lighting)
  • Thin hair/bald spots
  • Bra straps and underclothing peeking out
  • Cell phones/keys/sunglasses in pockets (front or back)
  • Decrease the shadows/wrinkles on face/neck a bit
  • Slim an upper arm or other body part
whcc 2
Tricky stuff

Additional fees will most likely apply. These will probably be contracted out.

  • Many stray hairs or stray hairs across eyes
  • Hair roots/hair color adjustments
  • Sunburn and tan lines
  • Braces or colorful orthodonic apparatus
  • Clothing wrinkles
  • Double chins
  • Lots of tucking in
  • Beard stubble
  • Eye glass reflections (if you can pop your lenses out for our session that would be best!)
  • Adjust spacing in a group

Retouch Request Form

If you don't hear from me within a few hours, please send me an email or text so I can make sure I don't miss your request.

Please submit requests within 30 days of your session and allow 1-2 weeks for retouch.

Depending on the request, it might also be helpful to also send me a screenshot of the image or part of the image that needs the love at 760 566 6101 or Thanks so much!

Cottage-Chic no chandelier b